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It's Time to Party!

Have your party here with one of our party packages!
*Party details are subject to change. All details and prices are effective as of August 2023*

Perfect to celebrate your child's birthday or special occasion in a small, intimate setting.

You can still celebrate in fun fashion for the kiddos with our small group party at RGC. Get the kids moving, playing, and tumbling, and keep them entertained for a while, burning off energy with time in our gym and gift/party time for 15 people. Enjoy private mini-class time and some time to play in our facility.

To inquire, check availability, or reserve a party, call 262-634-2344.

Non-refundable deposit is required.

We only schedule one party for each time slot so availability is limited and parties book fast. All gym participants must be under 18 years old or still enrolled in high school and have a signed participation waiver. Children 15 months and older are considered participants and counted in your participant count. 

Our parties include safety instruction and supervised activities in the main gym area with the use of the in-ground trampolines, rope swing, rock climbing wall, balance beams, tumbling activities and more. 

Equipment is cleaned each day by our staff.

Our staff are here to get your kids moving and having fun in a safe environment despite the craziness going on around them. Staff assist with the instruction time and unstructured play time, organizing for party time, and can help direct you and your guests to a place for more after-party. All parties come with a gift bag for each guest and a t-shirt for the birthday child. 

Guests do need to follow state and local guidelines for social distancing, parties, personal hygiene, and masking requirements when in place by local agencies.

2 Packages Available

Standard Package - 90-minute rental *

*available for ANY timeslot

Includes 2 party options: a 60 - 30 breakdown with 60 minutes of gym time and 30 minutes in the party room. One dessert food item like cake, cupcakes, or cookies is allowed, but no communal meals like pizza or scooped ice cream. You may also bring individually packaged juice or water only, and these must stay in the party area. 


90 minutes in the gym with a treat and gift bag handed out at the end.

Extravaganza Package - 120-minute rental*

*available for the final timeslot each day ONLY

75 minutes of gym time and 45 minutes of party time. RGC will provide plastic cutlery, plates, and napkins for your party needs. A staff member leads gym time, just like all our parties, and initiates preparation for party time once gym time concludes. You enjoy the party from there while our staff cleans the gym and are on standby. Communal meals may be served, but please bring prepackaged beverages for your guests.

*RGC is a place for children. Help keep us alcohol, tobacco, and drug-free. These items are prohibited in our facility.*

Staff may wear masks, wash hands, and will go over any safety rules in the gym as well as make note of the additional sanitizing stations throughout the facility. Please do not attend, or have guests attend if they have had any symptoms of illness within the last 24 hours prior to the party. RGC may request temperature checks in order to enter the facility for the protection of our staff and other patrons.

*RGC reserves the right to request a person/customer leave class/ party if the appear ill, have symptoms including but not limited to a temperature of 100.4° F, violation of RGC health and safety policies, or inappropriate behavior.*

All parties must have a signed party agreement agreeing to the policies outlined by our facility in order to book with your deposit. 

           *As of Aug. 14, 2023*
Standard Package - $185 + tax

  • $50 non-refundable deposit

Extravaganza Package - $300 + tax

  • $100 non-refundable deposit
    *available for final timeslot only

​Standard Package

  • 90 minutes of total party rental time

    • 60 minutes of gym play

    • 30 minutes of party time


  • 90 minutes of all gym play​


Extravaganza Package

  • 120 minutes of total party rental time

    • 75 minutes of gym time​

    • 45 minutes of party time

  • basic plates, napkins, and cutlery provided​


Academic year schedule (September - May/June)

*Call 262-634-2344 for specific time slot availability.*

Time slots available in time frames listed below:

  • Friday afternoon available upon request mid-June  to early August

  • Saturday

    • 1 - 2:30 pm

    • 3 - 4:30 pm

    • 5 - 6:30 pm *available for either package

  • Sunday

    • 11:30 am - 1 pm​

    • 1:30 - 3 pm

    • 3:30 - 5 pm *available for either package


Adult/parent assistance is required in the gym for children under 5 years. We reserve the right to limit activity in the gym and on the equipment at any time. Guests will not be allowed back into the gym area during scheduled party time.

You can arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start time of your party. Staff will not be available prior to 15 minutes before your party. Clean-up begins 5 minutes before the end of your scheduled time. Additional fees may be charged for excessive and unreasonable cleaning in the party area and in the gym - including but not limited to clean-up of vomit and other bodily fluids, smeared food on surfaces, large puddles, or trashed bathrooms -  going over party clean-up allotment, and/or other agreement violations.

Party times are pre-set. Additional time is not available. Please have your guests picked up on time.

No confetti, darts/Nerf guns, silly string, or piñatas.

All participants require a Waiver / Release and our Health and Safety Waiver.

Racine gymnastics Center Waiver

To participate in a birthday party please fill out the following waiver form

Thanks for submitting!

Waiver of Liability

"I am aware that participation in gymnastics and related activities involves risk and possible injury. I understand and agree that Racine Gymnastics Center and its staff will assume no responsibility for injuries or medical expenses incurred by my son, daughter, or myself. Neither my child(ren) nor I have any physical, mental or emotional problems that would interfere with participation in this program. Individuals must have their own medical insurance. I have read and understand the policies set forth by Racine Gymnastics Center. This agreement in valid for any session and any type of lesson, open gym, group visit, birthday party, other. "

Participation in our programs and requires full understanding of the risks. Accidents and injuries can happen in any sport. All participants must have a parent or guardian sign waiver/release form. 
We reserve the right to limit activities in the gym and on the equipment at any time. Safety is important to all of us. Instructors give safety instructions regularly.

Health and Safety Waiver

To comply with the CDC and the State of Wisconsin, Racine Gymnastics Center (RGC) relies on all parents and participants to adhere to the recommended physical distancing and personal hygiene standards for the safety of others. In addition to our liability waiver, this health and safety waiver acknowledges parent and student risk in participating at RGC. While we cannot control outside contagions, RGC plans to take all precautions available to lower the risk of spread within the facility. This includes regular cleaning of all surfaces in the facility throughout the day and at closing. Our staff members will also follow all health and safety guidelines set forth below. As a consequence of the restrictions placed on Racine Gymnastics Center by the federal, state, and local departments of health as well as our business’s commitment to safety, our parents must agree to follow the following policies:
1. Parents/guardians and/or children who are sick or display symptoms of illness 24 hours prior to participation in the gym will not be allowed in. Please be aware that staff members will not be taking temperatures of all individuals upon entry. However, any individual will be submitted to a temperature check if needed. Staff reserves the right to ask any parent and/or child who appears ill to leave the facility. We will offer make-ups for missed classes based on class availability. 2. We ask only one parent/guardian enter the gym with their participating child(ren). Unless necessary, please keep all non-participating children outside the facility. Parents are welcome to drop off and pick-up at any designated entrance. 3. Though RGC would never prohibit parent viewing, we will need to limit the number of parents allowed in the balcony to conform to the 6-foot distancing standards. The balcony area will not include seating and will have clearly marked physical-distancing position indicators. If this space starts to fill up, we kindly ask that you wait outside and we can walk your child out to meet you upon your request. Parents are welcome to observe from the windows at the front of the building, one window per parent/family to ensure adequate spectating distance. Parents/Guardians may also wait in the parking lot for the duration of class. 4. Participants must wash their hands thoroughly before entering the gym. It is recommended participants also wash hands and feet after returning home. Sanitizing/disinfecting agents will be provided in the gym and welcome/viewing areas. 5. RGC will not require the use of face masks. However, spectators, participants and staff are permitted to wear face masks at any time in the gym, including class time, at their discretion. 6. As with the balcony area, locker rooms will be restricted to minimal use (ie restroom breaks and washing hands). We ask that participants either leave their personal belongings, including shoes, with their parent/guardian, or have the ability to fit all belongings into a small backpack or gym bag that will be kept in a designated space. Due to the limited capacity of the locker rooms, participants may only be allowed in one at a time, or in a staggered pattern, potentially
prolonging dismissal times. We ask that parents/guardians only enter the locker room for their own personal use, or if their child needs assistance.

I, as a parent/guardian of an RGC participant, acknowledge the above risks and precautions that have been put in place. I understand that while staff will attempt to coach participants from a safe distance, spotting (touching) may be needed for their safety. I also understand that participants may have direct or indirect contact with each other. I agree to help RGC provide a safe place that develops strong, confident and healthy kids through the adherence of these policies.

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