Racine Gymnastics Center is excited to announce that we are finally able to re-open!

We at RGC have missed everyone and are excited to start slowly coming back to serve our members and see our students again, even though we are a bit limited right now. Things will be a little different, but everything is designed to keep our members and staff healthy and safe. We can’t wait to be a part of our community again. Thank you, Racine area, for supporting us during the uncertainty of the past couple months.

In order to keep our community safe and comply with regulations from health agencies and the Forward Racine plan while we try to start returning to life as before, we are offering a limited schedule for a short time to build back toward regular business. Some adjustments may be needed to make sure we are safe and compliant, but we will do our best to inform our customers of any changes in a timely manner.

While we cannot control everything, RGC will work diligently to take all precautions available to lower the risk of spread of illness within the facility. This includes regular cleaning of all surfaces in the facility throughout the day and upon closing, a schedule featuring cleaning times between each class throughout the day, a schedule of one class/ group at a time, additional sanitizer stations throughout the main entrance and lobby, additional bottles available in the gym area, and enhanced policy regarding cleanliness, hygiene, and illness.

We rely on all of our staff, parents and participants to adhere to recommended personal hygiene standards. We have always been advocates for keeping ill children home. Additionally, we support social distancing as needed for the safety of all.

Staff will have temperatures taken prior to working and must not have symptoms of any illness 24 hours prior to any shift.

Parents are responsible for monitoring their children before returning to the gym. Any child will be submitted to a temperature check if needed.

Coaches reserve the right to ask any child who appears ill to leave the gym.

Due to the regulations currently in place as well as our commitment to safety, parents will be required to read and sign a separate Health and Safety Acknowledgement form prior to participation.


One group of students will be scheduled at a time with a total maximum capacity of 15 persons in the gym.

15-30 minutes between groups to avoid overlap and to allow for cleaning.

Our coaches will be doing limited to no spotting. Skills, drills and activities will be pre-determined and set to allow for distancing and cleaning.

Stage 1 will offer limited team practices and gymnastics clinics for recreational gymnastics levels 1 – 4.

Priority registration will be given to any student registered from our spring session and spring tuition may be applied.

Parents are encouraged to space out when entering the facility. We have a limited amount of space for spectators in the balcony area, marked by blue tape on the floor to promote distancing. A low, finite number of chairs will be available upon request to reduce touch transfer. Please use the wipes provided to clean chairs used. Parents/ guardians are encouraged to use the windows along the front of the facility during nice weather for viewing.

Private group class rental clinics for up to 10 people available.


2 groups/ classes in the gym with capacity of 25-30. Scheduling will still allow for time between class/ groups.

Increased spotting if needed for new skills and the safety of students.

NEW “Peppermint Pals” classes added. Parent/ adult is required to be in the class with the student to help with distancing and hygiene. Ages 2-4 years (4 yr. Kindergarten in the fall)


Up to 3 groups in the gym with a capacity at 25 - 30 % of the building's official recorded maximum. Scheduling with time between class/ groups to clean.

Birthday parties and private group rental clinics with limited numbers of attendees available.


Capacity steadily increases toward prior operating ability. Scheduling with time between class/ groups to clean periodically during the day.

Birthday parties, private group rental clinics available.

Open gyms begin to resume.

RGC does not have an exact timeline for moving through reopening stages. Timing will be based on public safety and the guidance of local and higher health agencies. Additional adjustments will occur as needed.


OUR MISSION:  To do good things for kids, specifically to develop happy, healthy, responsible children, and to provide a foundation for physical activity that will last a lifetime.

A gymnastics club provides a safe, fun, and supportive environment where kids of all ages can develop the skills they need to achieve their potential.
Want to help your child get the hang of a healthy, happy life?


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